Amy’s off on new adventures!


We wanted to share the news that once we get to the end of our busy summer season in the middle September, Amy will be giving up full time work and taking time out to spend it with her son Lewis. It is incredible to think that he is now a year old and we are thrilled that Amy will have the opportunity over the coming months to be more of a ‘Mum’ and less of a ‘workaholic’…. She has been a highly valued member of our team for some 12 years and whilst she is no longer going to be a permanent member of staff, she is still very much part of the EnTEEtainment family and we are sure you will see her across various of our projects in the future.

Here’s a little note from Amy;

On a pretty non-descript morning in 1998, I begrudgingly made my way to uni, with bleary eyes and a fuzzy head to attend another boring guest lecture. Little did I know that the bloke with a beard who stood before me would change my life forever. All it took was a 2 hour talk on the importance of the 3 P’s (parking, pissing and paying) at outdoor events and Dick Tee had me hooked – this was the industry for me. I soon realised after a week on site at the International Festival of the Sea in Portsmouth, that really, the lecture was all a ploy to get cheap labour – but it didn’t deter me, and I continued freelancing for That’s EnTEEtainment (now EnTEEtainment Ltd) on such delights as the Essex FM Beach Bash and Glastonbury Festival for several years whilst I gained my degree. Six years after that lecture, the opportunity came up for me to join Dick’s team permanently, and of course, I jumped at the chance, packed the car and moved to Bristol. Subsequently, I have worked my way up from Tea Maker, to Head Laminator, to Meal Ticket Cutter, to Production Assistant, to Production Co-ordinator, to my current title of Senior Production Manager, running my own shows, and having the ability to delegate the laminating.

After 11 and a half years of full time employment, a much smaller man came into my life and again changed it forever – my son Lewis. Over my years as a Production Manager, I have learned how to keep the most difficult of bands in check, manage stage crews of hundreds, get fork lift deliveries on time, find space in a jam packed event site for ‘just one more stage’ and even get BT to install working internet to the middle of an empty field, but nothing could have prepared me for motherhood – there are no HSE Guidance books on babies! Whilst I have loved being back from maternity and completing our 2016 summer season, Lewis is coming up to his first birthday and my partner Abby is returning to work after her part of our shared parental leave. As such, I have decided to try and find a bit more of a work/life balance (apparently this is not a myth). From 19th September 2016, I will be taking a small step back from EnTEEtainment to concentrate on being a Mum, and to start a new venture in post-natal fitness. I will still be a part of the EnTEEtainment family, and will still be working for the company, but no longer in a full time capacity.

It’s been an honour to work with Dick Tee, the best in the business, Frankie Tee, Neil Chalmers and the extended EnTEEtainment team. The past 18 years have been an absolute blast and I have met some amazing people on some amazing shows. As the saying goes, ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’ and I want to thank everyone I’ve worked with over those years in all those different fields and venues for making this job so great.

See you in another muddy puddle soon! (or at a post-natal fitness class should you need one)
Amy x

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