Mr Tee’s Charity Challenge

We are very excited to share that our very own Mr Tee is taking part in The Heavy Metal Truants, Eighth of Spades virtual charity ride in aid of Nordoff Robins, Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline and Save The Children. If you want to get straight in and donate then please do so via the link below;

If you need a little more persuasion, here is some more information on the challenge and why Dick is taking part.

What is the challenge?
For the last eight years the Heavy Metal Truants have been doing an annual charity ride from London to Download Festival. Whilst Download Festival is not happening this year, the fundraising still is.

As it’s the 40th anniversary of Motorhead’s Ace Of Spades, what better way to honour Lemmy than to call it ‘Heavy Metal Truants 8: The Eighth Of Spades’

Between June 1st and in the run up to June 12th (the weekend of the virtual Download Festival), people are getting on their saddles to join a virtual ride. Dick has signed up to do The Road Crew Cycle which is 175 miles (distance from Hammersmith to Donnington Park).

You can see more information on the ride here.

Why has Dick signed up?
At a bit of a loss in lockdown, Dick took up a new hobby of cycling. Trading the steel toe caps for trainers, hard hat for a cycle helmet and the famous ‘Dick head of production high vis’ for some padded lycra. Whilst at 65 he might officially be a pensioner, he’s certainly not ready to retire and is relishing the new challenge. There has already been some highs and lows, the highs being finding new routes and areas of natural beauty close to home, the lows being going over the handlebars after a new set of very effective breaks, not once, but twice!

So why not just stick to cycling for fun? When asked to donate to this charity cycle by a friend, Dick felt so inspired by the good cause that not only did he donate, he signed up too. This is the first charity fundraiser Dick has been a part of and whilst he’s looking forward to the challenge, it doesn’t come without it’s concerns. Whilst some people are avid cyclists and could take this in their stride, this is a real push for him, but with such worthwhile charities he wanted to get involved. Dick has been a supporter of Nordoff Robins for many years now and believes their efforts as well as Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline and Save the Children are invaluable, and support for these charities are needed in a time like this more than ever.

Captain Tom has inspired so many and Dick can’t wait to do his part to give back.

Follow and sponsor Mr Tee
If you’re convinced to sponsor, please do so here. Any about, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. The goal is to raise £1750 which is £10 per mile.

To follow Dick’s progress, please ensure you are following EnTEEtainment on facebook and MrDickTee on instagram.

Lets wish him luck on this journey!

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