Welcome to EnTEEtainment Ltd. Here's what we do...

EnTEEtainment Ltd has over 35 years’ experience in event production, with a loyal ongoing range of diverse clients. Services range from initial planning and licence applications, through to health and safety consultation, artist liaison, accreditation, technical production and site management. Just click services on the menu to see all the areas we could with your event.

The team delivers multiple facets of all genres and sizes of projects. The core staff are augmented by an extensive team of trusted, specialist freelance professionals, all striving to give the highest levels of service and quality.

Whether working directly for an Event Organiser, some form of ‘end user Client’ or working for or alongside colleagues to assist them to service their client needs, EnTEEtainment Ltd will happily embark on any project, large or small, and strive to give the highest level of service and quality.